Product Development

AVL and ISID partner to accelerate technical product development

To address current manufacturing industry challenges, Tokyo-based IT solutions provider and systems integrator Information Services International-Dentsu (ISID) and mobility technology company AVL are entirely rethinking current processes in product development. In doing so, the companies focus on the demands of both, market and customers for the end product. The emphasis is on the integration and interaction of software, respectively software updates and hardware.

To design and implement efficient and high-quality processes as quickly as possible during product development, AVL contributes its expertise in automotive engineering, simulation, and testing from concept phase to finished product. IT solution provider ISID excels with its extensive experience in consulting and system integration based on Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE). When paired with AVL’s competence in applying MBSE, this allows vehicle manufacturers to centrally manage system requirements, design, analysis, verification, and validation activities throughout the entire development process using digital system models. In this way, all participants maintain an overview of complex systems, interrelationships, and requirements.

With more than 11,200 employees, AVL is one of the world’s leading mobility technology companies for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry, and beyond. From ideation phase to serial production, the company covers vehicle architectures and platform solutions including the impact of new propulsion systems and energy carriers. It has an international network of experts at more than 90 locations and with 45 tech and engineering centres worldwide.

The two companies are developing solutions to speed up product maturity while taking into account legal regulations for system safety. For instance, the management of engineering data, with reliable traceability throughout the entire development process, will be linked to project and risk management. Design decisions and verification processes will also be accelerated. In the field of mobility, ISID and AVL focus on the optimization of system development and integration based on the combination of ISID’s iQUAVIS and AVL software technologies for an end-to-end verification and validation process. Both e-mobility and autonomous driving are expected to benefit from this.

Commenting on the partnership, Ryoichi Nawa, President and CEO, ISID, said: “We are honoured to have entered into a strategic business partnership with AVL, a leader in mobility technology. ISID has been supporting the design and development processes of the manufacturing industry with IT solutions for many years. I am convinced that thanks to the partnership with AVL and their strengths in engineering, we will find suitable solutions for our customers’ current problems in the manufacturing industry. In the future, both companies will jointly support digital transformation and innovation on a global scale.”

Prof. Helmut List, Chairman and CEO, AVL, said: “In a world where product development is becoming increasingly complex, we at AVL strive to seamlessly unite virtual simulation and real-world testing. Our vision is to create technologies that combine the best of both worlds to develop cutting-edge and high-quality products. The Integrated and Open Development Platform (IODP) is AVL’s answer to today’s challenges. Partnering with ISID brings us closer to our vision. Instead of simply keeping pace with the ever-changing manufacturing industry, we are striving to shape the future – by providing comprehensive and efficient solutions that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.”