Small Business Igniting revolution in global human resource solutions through Hackathon, Nigeria’s pioneer artificial intelligence-powered platform dedicated to connecting exceptional talents with forward-thinking employers is set to revolutionize human resource solutions in the first-of-its-kind tech hackathon in Nigeria.

This was announced by the Chief Operating Officer, Hauwa Wellington.

The tech hackathon is designed for talented teams to collaborate in building and presenting projects that pioneer groundbreaking solutions in the field of human resource growth and development.

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The registration portal, tech hackathon 1.0 registration is live for all interested participating teams until October 13th, this year. By 15th October, teams will be notified if their ideas have been accepted to feature in the tech hackathon 2023 marking the official commencement of the hackathon.

According to Igbene Otimeyin, Chief Executive Officer of, the tech hackathon is created with the objective of empowering participants with the knowledge, skills, connections and opportunities needed to excel in the corporate world while driving human resource innovation.

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Otimeyin explained that “ tech hackathon 1.0 is a melting pot of visionaries with a purpose to shape the future. Whether you are a coding genius, a design maverick, or a concept wizard, our tech hackathon will provide the platform and support for you to transform your ideas into reality while solving real-world challenges, pushing the boundaries of technology and creating solutions that can change the world for the better.”

“Aside from empowerment, innovation, networking and exposure to opportunities that tech hackathon will provide for participants, various stakeholders including founders, entrepreneurs, fintech professionals, human resource professionals and the entire corporate productivity chain will be positively impacted,” he added.

For corporations, companies and HR professionals looking at recruiting talented individuals, the hackathon presents a perfect opportunity.

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On the 1st of December 2023, the grand finale and demo day of the tech hackathon will take place in Lagos, Nigeria with commissioned participants pitching and showcasing their innovative and groundbreaking projects to established judges. Overall winners will be presented with up to one million naira worth prizes and job placement opportunities.

The organisers of the tech hackathon confirm that the winning project will exhibit utmost innovation and creativity, global standard functionality, technical complexity of the design and usage as well as impeccable impact on providing real-world solutions.

The tech hackathon 1.0 is part of the many commitments of the company to revolutionize human resource practices and connect talent with human resource innovation