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Gwyneth Paltrow on Goop’s First Makeup Product

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Gwyneth Paltrow is a self-proclaimed makeup minimalist, typically using a little bit of blush, some mascara, and lip balm for her everyday routine. So when it came time for her to create Colorblur Glow Balm for her beauty and wellness brand Goop (the brand’s first foray into the color category), the actor and brand founder wanted something that would speak to her makeup ethos and—most importantly—care for skin.

“We thought it might be really nice to lean into the ‘no-makeup makeup’ look that I sort of do in my own life,” Paltrow tells Bazaar. “Then when we were starting to think about the formulations, I just got excited about this idea of skincare blending with makeup and that you could put beautiful moisturizers and antioxidants into the product itself.”

goop color glow balm

Courtesy of Goop

The balm comes in five peach, pink, and berry shades—Velveteen, Whiskey, Slipper, Venus, and Afterglow—that give your skin a subtle hint of glossy color. It goes on transparent and has buildable coverage, but it is also filled with nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E to soothe skin, sea buckthorn oil (which is rich in vitamin C to give you that soft radiant finish), and safflower oil to provide moisture and protect the skin barrier.

Paltrow says the creation process was easier than she expected, and credits her product development and editorial teams for the balm’s impressive formulations and fun shade names. “I felt like we were creating a truly different product,” she says. “I just looked at the names and wanted them to feel sort of feminine, approachable, and relevant to their colors.” The first iteration of names were inspired from the “sexual wellness pillar” of Goop, but she says they ultimately decided to go a different route. “We had a lot of good giggles when we were trying to name products,” she says.


Courtesy of Goop

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Colorblur Glow Balm


She goes on to call these balms “foolproof,” making them perfect for anyone like her who just wants a very easy way to add a subtle pop of color. “I like to put a little in my hairline and a little on my nose,” she says. “So all the areas that the sun kind of hits your face.”

And if you automatically thought these balms would be perfect for getting that “strawberry girl” makeup look (because that is just the way of the beauty world these days), Paltrow most definitely did not. In fact, up until asked about it, she didn’t know such a trend existed. “Do you know how old I am? I have no idea what you’re saying,” she says, laughing. “I’m not even on TikTok.”

But once the latest in TikTok beauty trends is explained to her, she seems intrigued to at least check out what the hype is all about—for the sake of her new products. “Okay, well, now I’m going to revise my whole interview and tell you about how these are strawberry girl makeup,” she jokes.

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