Product Development

Senspire streamlines new product development with Flavor Studio platform

“Unless you’re a global company that has [an] IT department and tools and builds custom solutions, most … new-product development is a fragmented process because companies haven’t adopted a … solution to unify all of that activity in one platform.” 

A unified platform to streamline the product development process

Flavor Studio is a cloud-based product development platform ​that provides food and beverage and ingredient companies with nutritional analysis, project management, ideation, recipe, and other capabilities. The product is designed to streamline and centralize product development and ensure everyone is working in the same space, as opposed to someone working on on their own spreadsheets or using separate nutrition analysis software, Willis said.

Among its capabilities, Flavor Studio comes with the ability to “conduct simple sensory tests” on products, which historically required “very complex, very expensive” technology that would often require knowledge of sensory science, he explained. With the Flavor Studio platform, food and beverage companies can create sensory tests and have testers respond with a web-based form to rate the taste and flavor characteristics of what’s being tested, he added.

A Flavor Studio customer used the sensory testing capabilities to perform shelf stability product tests every three weeks by filling out a survey on the organoleptic characteristics of the product and then reviewing the responses over time, Willis said. Companies can also generate these tests with “the click of a button, and they don’t need to have someone hand tabulating this [and] … comparing it to another report,” he added.